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Officina Meccanica CIATTI

Our centrifuged aluminium cylinder foundry was founded in 1958.
After a few years, in 1968, we moved to an area of 2,000 square meters where we had our foundry, the mechanical workshop for the processing of aluminium cylinders, steel, stainless steel and many kinds of shafts.
In addition to all this, we also repair cylinders: dynamic balancing with their respective certificates and camber detectors, restoration of cylinder bearing housings, straightening, turning and grinding.
Our operations and quality system are certified in compliance with UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 by the certification body "TUV"

Our company currently produces for the following industry sectors:

  • PAPER INDUSTRY: edge trim rewinder, several paper and paperboard machines
  • TEXTILE INDUSTRY: carding machines, carding machines for nonwoven fabric, finishing machines
  • PLASTIC MATERIALS INDUSTRY: coating, coupling systems, bagging machines, bags, etc.

The legal representative of the company is Mr. GIOVANNI CIATTI. We have 14 skilled employees working in the manufacturing department, 1 employee working in accounting, 1 responsible for production management and 1 employee in charge with quality control.

Were we are

Officina Meccanica CIATTI
Via Leonardo da Vinci, 4 - 50010 Capalle / Firenze - Italia - tel.+39 055 8951044 - fax.+39 055 8966046 - P.iva 04343630481

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