Our achievements

Custom-finished steel cylinders

  • Obtained from standard steel tubes, laminated items, draft and stainless steel, products assembled and processed as designed by the customer and dynamically balanced, if required.
  • Chrome plating, ceramic coating, anodizing and rubber band coatings and coatings with and other materials.
  • Turning - max. diameter 1150mm, max. lenght 8000mm.
  • Grinding - max. diameter 700mm, max. lenght 3200mm.
  • Balancing - max. diameter 1300mm, max. lenght 6200mm, max. weight 4000kg

Custom-finished aluminium cylinders

  • Obtained from standard drawn tubes completed with aluminium cylinder heads and shafts processed according to customer design and dynamically balanced, if required.
  • Chrome plating, anodizing and rubber band coatings or coatings with other materials.
  • Customized diameters, thicknesses, lengths.

Centrifugal casting aluminium tubes

  • Made with EN 46100/EN 47000 alloys.
  • Outer rough shaping and inner turning upon request.
  • Wide range of external diameters (130mm to 1,000mm).
  • Large and numberless thicknesses.
  • Use of many aluminium alloys, including anodizable and self-tempering alloys (110 BRINELL)
  • Perfectly weldable.
  • Absolute absence of deformation (buckling).
  • Maximum stability over time.
  • Length up to 3500mm, or greater lengths that can be obtained by joining and welding multiple tube pieces with one another. We provided tubes with lengths of over 7000mm.

Aluminium flange rings

  • Obtained from centrifugal aluminium tubes.
  • Great thicknesses available.
  • Lengths upon request.
  • We supply raw or design-finished materials with external diameters from 130mm to 1000mm.